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Re: Five questions with Brian Wynne @ EDTA

Consumer Reports has an article that I wanted to comment on today.

Click here to read the 5 question interview!

Brian from EDTA said:

“Pacific Northwest National Labs estimates that we could fuel north of 70 percent of our existing light-duty population with off-peak kilowatt hours. And the foundational infrastructure is ubiquitous; it’s already there.”

This is huge!!!!

Non-peak hours.  Millions of Americans have already been experiencing what it is like to pay for on-peak hour electricity.  They jack you rates through the roof!

But off-peak kilowatt hours can handle 70% of ALL DOMESTIC light-duty vehicles!  The electricity grid can handle almost all of the commuter cars on the roads today without any further strains on the existing infrastructure!  You pay off peak hour rates, and the system can handle 70% the entire American population making the conversion.

Not only that but the technology exists right now to use your electric vehicle as a load balance so you don’t have to pay peak hour usage!  You can use your electric vehicle or your hybrid as a power source at your home.

Brian was also asked:

Q: Many Americans still feel they need a vehicle that can go more than 100 miles a day. Will electric cars’ range get better? Or how can the industry otherwise address that desire?

Brian Wynne said:

“I look at it the other way around, where the vast majority of my driving, and the vast majority the numbers bear out for most people, makes an electric vehicle extremely compelling. It’s $1 a gallon equivalent. That’s a good deal. Business people love them too, because they live or die by cost per mile. [They will become] more compelling over time as we begin to bring the cost differential largely associated with batteries and power electronics down.

I think most people will say, for my first-use car it’s an electric vehicle. Whether or not I need to get in this particular car and drive from Washington to New York, I think is the big question. Does that mean that we want to build charging infrastructure along the way? Or does that imply that I’m much more likely to rent another kind of vehicle?”

Go Electric, and if you need another car to travel out of state, just go to a car rental company.

So you know those advertising gimmicks that the car dealers always send you in the mail.  How about $1.00 GAS for life of your vehicle!  That’s how much a electric vehicle gets equivalent to a gas car.  How many miles do you have to drive to have the vehicle pay for itself?

23 mpg is the American light vehicle average. http://www.project.org/info.php?recordID=384

$3.61 is this weeks average price of gas. http://www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel/

Brian Wynne said “most Americans drive less than 40 miles a day

So lets simplify the numbers…

Lets say my car gets 20 mpg. At 40 miles per day that is 2 gallons of gas a day.

EV would be $2 of gas a day.

GAS would be $7.22 of gas a day.

So EV’s save $5.22 a day x 365 = $1905.3

So every year that you drive Electric you save $1,900!

Who wants to pay an extra $1,900 a year just to go to your job.

Or look at it this way… Give yourself a $0.25/hr a raise! Convert your car to an EV!

I liked the article!  To learn more about EDTA go to www.electricdrive.org

To learn more about Wilderness EV Highway kit to to: www.wildernessev.net


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